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A "very accomplished, highly gifted jazz pianist... a patient, maturing voice."  John Ephland, Downbeat Magazine, Oct 2016.

“Corey Kendrick is a brilliant young pianist and composer… His sense of harmony and melody is something innovative with not only a little adventurousness and—dare I say—bravado… The Corey Kendrick Trio have given us a debut album that stands among the finest albums of the year… There is energy and passion, warmth and affection, and loads of intellectual and emotional satisfaction. It is old Jazz done in a new way. I love it.” – Travis Rogers, Jr, Jazz Times online, 6/30/16.

"Kendrick… has the jazz touch common to all of the great jazz pianists. The ability to take a tune on a trip to Mars whilst holding the attention of those still Earthbound. 5 stars." - Lance Liddle, Bebop Spoken Here, 7/1/16.

“Combining keen melodic sensibilities with graceful harmonic forms, the Corey Kendrick Trio demonstrates a repertoire that incorporates classic jazz idioms with dynamic improvisations… a paragon of the jazz trio form.” – Susan Frances,, 8/1/16

"I implore you to get “Rootless,” a self-produced debut album by MSU grad pianist Corey Kendrick... “Rootless” is [as] good of a debut you’re likely to hear this year...There’s beauty at every turn. Kendrick is a dynamic interpreter of standards." –Charles Latimer,, 6/19/16

“There is a keenness and energy in this group that revitalizes the deep '60's soul and bop grooves and the Bill Evans style meditations that permeate their music. They are an essentially an equilateral tri-angle… the innovation comes in the careful attention to each and every note and moment which elevates this to far more than a homage to a great tradition.” – Hobart Taylor, KUCI 88.9 FM, 7/3/16

"The pianist’s masterful sense of self (“Julian’s Tune,” “Waiting For Midnight,” “Alone In Michigan”) and bop classicism (an instantly rewarding take on “In The Wee Small Hours”) that reminds me of early Ahmad Jamal. Or Bill Evans. Or Oscar Peterson." - Mike Jurkovic, Elmore Magazine, 7/13/16.

“This date has all you need without having to draw in extras. Right on the money throughout, this is a straight ahead, real deal set that all piano trio fans are going to dig. Totally hot stuff.” –Chris Spector, Midwest Record, 6/3/16

5 stars.  "A beautiful journey with a fluidity of soundscape and the delicacy of joy, with passionate moments of fervor." –, 10/26/16.

“The musicianship is impeccable, the tightness of the trio a gold standard, but the real joy of this recording is the communication with the listener. This is music not only well performed but also well communicated.”  Grady Harp, reviewer, 6/16/1

"[Kendrick’s] elements and concepts… are close in style of the great masters… but at the same time, I would not say that the Kendrick Trio plays in someone's else’s manner, their sound is uniquely their own, but the music is based on tried and tested predecessors." – Leonid Auskern,, 6/19/16

"A trumpet-piano duet on the Gershwin standard Embraceable You was a musical treat.  It was a beautiful rendition, with breathy trumpet playing and some sensitive accompaniment by Kendrick, who plays beyond his years." - Chris Smith, Winnipeg Free Press, 9/22/2014 review of Etienne Charles sextet performance.

The trio's 6/24/16 live appearance on WKAR's Current State. 

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Watch the 11/18/16 live appearance on WHBF TV Quad Cities.